January 29, 2016 at 11:49 am

Actuarial Science Program Named a ‘Best Value’

Ohio University’s actuarial science program was named among the “30 Best Value Actuarial Science Programs in 2016” by College Values Online.

College Values Online graphicOHIO’s Mathematics Department offers a B.S. in Actuarial Science, and the College Values Online website calculates an average 20-year-return on investment of $350,500. The program prepares students for entering the actuarial profession. Students should be prepared to pass the first actuarial examination before graduation. Visit to see why actuarial science consistently ranks as one of the top five careers in the United States and to learn about the Society of Actuary examinations.

“This best value ranking is comprised of the 30 best value actuarial science programs from among more than 70 schools listed as offering an actuary degree in the College Navigator database, which is operated by the National Center for Education Statistics. Actuarial science is an interdisciplinary profession that uses the principles of mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, and business to tackle some of the most pressing issues of risk across multiple industries. Insurance companies, banks, investment banks, pension management companies, and many arms of the government use actuaries for a variety of purposes. At their core, actuaries are risk analysts. They use complex methods to determine risk and likely outcomes in whichever area of the profession they choose to work,” according to the College Values Online website.

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