November 11, 2015 at 1:38 pm

CMSS and NQPI Hold Joint Poster Session

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015, the Condensed Matter and Surface Science program and the Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute partnered to host a joint poster session in Clippinger Hall. The poster session showcased the outstanding, high-impact research being done by faculty and their students.

There were a total of 36 posters that for judging were split between five different groups. The Graduate Student category first place winners received $200, while second place received $100.

The posters were judged by CMSS and NQPI faculty. The judges were: Drs. Sergio Ulloa, Katherine Cimatu, Hugh Richardson, Eric Masson, Alexander Govorov, Gang Chen, Peter Jung, Alexander Neiman, Horacio Castillo and Jixin Chen.

Overall, there were five first-place awards given. The winners and their poster titles were:

  • Susil Baral, “Sub-diffraction and 3-D thermal imaging with Er203 nanoparticles on SNOM tip.”
  • Oscar Avalos-Ovando, “RKKY Interaction in transition-metal dichalcogenide nanoflakes.”
  • Ali Rafiei Miandashti, “Nanobiosensors based on Er203 nanothermometry.”
  • Sai Teja Pusuluri, “Modelling cellular interconversion dynamics.”
  • Arwa Alaulamie, “Water and non-degassed in measurement temperature nucleation.”

The judges also awarded 5 second place awards. These award winners and their poster titles were:

  • Larousse Khosravi Khorashad, “Optical activity and circular dichroism of plasmonic nanorods.”
  • Sudiksha Khadka, “Ultrafast spectroscopy of excitons and exciton dynamics in mono.”
  • Abdulrhman Alsharari, “Induced spin orbit coupling in graphene by proximity to transition metal.”
  • Kondalarao Kotturi, “Remarkable site selectivity of Cucurbit[8]uril binding to Platinum terpyridine complexes.”
  • Kiran Prasai, “Electronically designed amorphus carbon and silicon: gap engineering in dynamical simulations.”

Refreshments were served at the event. This poster session is considered to be vital for our institutes’ members to foster collaboration and to develop strategies for future grant applications. Congratulations to each and every participant and thank you to the faculty judges.

A Facebook album of photos from the event provides quotes from the participants about their research and why poster sessions are important.

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