April 26, 2015 at 3:33 pm

Hla Chairs International Conference, Receives Patent

Dr. Saw-Wai Hla

Dr. Saw-Wai Hla

Dr. Saw-Wai Hla, Professor of Physics & Astronomy, co-chaired the 8th International Workshop on Nanoscale Spectroscopy and Nanotechnology (NSS-8) on July 28-31, 2014, in Chicago. More than 100 researchers from 15 countries attended NSS-8, which featured four plenary speakers, 24 invited talks, over 40 contributed talks and 15 posters focusing on novel nanoscale materials, systems and devices.

Hla is also a member of the Nanoscale & Quantum Phenomena Institute NQPI member and leader of the Electronic and Magnetic Materials and Devices group at Argonne National Laboratory.

“It was a very successful conference, both in terms of scientific discussion and the program and venue, including the outing. People really liked it. It was clearly a very beautiful location, and the attractions after the conference were great. The venue was located right next to the most beautiful part of downtown Chicago.”

Hla was also part of a team (with Volker Rose, Curt Preissner, Daniel Rosenmann) at Argonne National Lab who received a patent in April 2014 for “Simultaneous topographic and elemental chemical and magnetic contrast in scanning tunneling microscopy.”

Hla gave an invited talk in April at a special symposium for molecular machines at the 2014 German Physical Society Spring Meeting with over 5,500 attendees present. He also gave an invited lecture about molecular superconductors and molecular machines at the July 2014 International Conference Nanoscience and technology ( ICN+T 2014) in Vail, Colorado. This is the largest nanotechnology conference in the world.

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