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March 22, 2015 at 3:47 pm

New T3 Course Examines Culture, Energy, and Environment in Appalachia

A new Tier III course in Fall 2015 examines the arts and culture of Appalachian Ohio, with special attention to energy and the environment.

T3 4605: Culture, Energy, Environment is housed in the College of Fine Arts, and senior undergraduate students from all majors and colleges are encouraged to enroll.

The course is taught by Dr. Marina Peterson, Associate Professor of Performance Studies. Peterson is a cultural anthropologist who specializes in cities, citizenship, and sound. The course draws on her expertise in urban anthropology, the anthropology of the arts (especially sound and music), and performance studies. She hopes that the fall TIII seminar will dovetail with her current book project, Auditory Atmospheres, a historical ethnography of noise pollution.

DR. Marina Peterson

Dr. Marina Peterson

Course topics include:

  • Music of coal miners
  • Murals, festivals and performance commemorating the culture of mining towns
  • Historic preservation of local architecture
  • Material culture and memory in local museums and historical societies
  • Engagements and encounters with the environment
  • Protest cultures related to energy extraction past and present

These topics provide a lens for exploration of questions of citizenship and social justice.

Students will engage the material firsthand through readings, screenings, guest lectures and performances, and field trips.

The course contributes to three themes: Sustainability StudiesOhio: Sense of Place; and Making and Breaking the Law, sponsored by the Center for Law, Justice & Culture.

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