December 1, 2014 at 10:47 am

Weekly Advising Tip; Rest, Exercise, and Eat Healthy

Hello A&S Students! I hope that you all had a great Turkey Day and are ready for the last week of classes. As you are preparing for finals week, I encourage you to think like your parents and follow some very simple tips:
1)get plenty of rest
2) get out of that chair and exercise
3) eat well
While these seem like no brainers, we sometimes need to be reminded to take care of ourselves, especially during periods of stress. Science has proven that even getting 20 minutes of cardio will improve memory and eating superfoods/antioxidants improves performance. Also, be sure to have something healthy to snack on while you are studying, as it will provide you with energy and fuel your brain, and don’t forget to take a five minute break for every hour of studying. Best of luck and enjoy your winter break!
Look for more advising tips beginning in the Spring semester.
Your Advisor,
Sara Berens

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