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December 1, 2014 at 9:32 am

English Alum Writes about Small Business Needs

Ohio University alum Cheryl Withrow is combining her writing and business experience with Demand Media, a content and social media company that operates online brands and creates online content.

“Withrow is a writer in Michigan’s untamed Upper Peninsula. Following a teaching career she served alternately as editor of the “Washington County News” and the “Geneva County Reaper,” and as associate editor of “Bay Life” magazine. Withrow holds a Bachelor of Science in business with a major in accountancy from Wright State University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Ohio University,” says her bio.

She wrote “What Are the Basic Elements of the Employment Contract?” for Small Business Chron.

“As an employer, you want an employment contract that protects you and your business, while ensuring a suitable work environment for your employee. When both interests are equitably served, your company and your employee reap benefits. Providing an employment contract essentially replaces the standard hiring understanding between you and your employee. With a contract, the employer-employee relationship gets spelled out in detail, and contains significantly more elements than a standard employment agreement,” she wrote.

Read the rest of Withrow’s article.


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