October 2, 2014 at 12:58 pm

New Ohio Review Seeking Managing Editor

The English Department’s New Ohio Review has a part-time Managing Editor’s position posted on the Ohio University website.

Job Description: The Managing Editor will work in an office setting where she or he will be under the direct supervision of the Editor. The ideal candidate for this position will be detail-oriented, conversant with the computer program InDesign, and have experience generating or maintaining online publications, with a general background in publishing. This position is based on a 12-month schedule, from July 1 through June 30. Duties will vary with the season, as the calendar is governed by the stages of publication. The Managing Editor will help document incoming submissions (some in print, but mostly through our online submission system) and annual contest entries, and will handle printing and mailing of each issue; he or she will also enter the contents of the issue into an InDesign template, paginating and proofreading the material for each issue, as well as preparing and sending out galleys and incorporating author responses to queries into the final copy. The Managing Editor will interface with a variety of media professionals and navigate basic web-design and -management tools such as Excel spreadsheets to track NOR’s submissions, sales, and subscriptions. Each year the Managing Editor must register for and attend the AWP Conference (usually held in March), and arrange shipment of copies of NOR to the Conference site, where she or he will manage the book fair table and schedule Readers and Editors for table duty. Other responsibilities include: arranging for payment of contributors; maintaining NOR’s database; generating print and online advertisements and placing them with various advertising venues; managing the budget; planning and promoting literary events; updating grant applications, as well as Final Reports for grants received, to the Ohio Arts Council and the NEA; handling publicity efforts such as radio announcements and posters; and help in the hiring and supervision of the Assistant Editor and PACE student intern, delegating tasks to them as needed.

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