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April 7, 2020 at 11:36 am

New Ohio Review Interns Keep the Presses Rolling, From Afar

New Ohio Review Issue #27, with illustration from inside room looking out

New Ohio Review Issue #27

New Ohio Review, Ohio University’s national literary journal, is enjoying its most successful year—with record subscription levels, increased grant funding, and its traditional high-level of award-winning prose and poetry. And while the circumstances have certainly been difficult the last month, the magazine’s 14 undergraduate interns are contributing in creative ways during their time at home.

Whether they’re reviewing and organizing submissions to the journal, developing mini-collections of poetry for future online distribution, or digitizing recent print magazines, their work to gain professional magazine experience continues, and they’re helping New Ohio Review stay on track to print its 28th issue later this year.

“Our interns—we call them editorial associates—have been incredible,” said David Wanczyk, a member of the English faculty and the editor of NOR. “They’ve been flexible and quick with their work. And while we’re all trying to take some time to reflect and adjust to our situation, it’s been heartening to see their continued investment in literature—very similar energy and initiative that they’ve been showing all semester. Their ingenuity keeps us going.”

About her time as a NOR intern, Meah McCallister ’21 wrote: “As far as I know, I do what interns are supposed to do! Update subscriber lists, comb through spreadsheets, and any other work I can get my hands on—although, I’ve never actually had to get anybody coffee. In between the office work and proofreading, I’m really excited to work on collaboration projects between NOR and the School of Art + Design typeshop. It’s really special to get to be so hands-on with something you’re passionate about. And I’m always treated like an equal and respected by the staff. Maybe I should get somebody a coffee. At least, when the coffee shops are open again.”

(At press time, no one at New Ohio Review’s remote headquarters could be reached about their coffee needs.)

“This internship has not only allowed me to engage with reputable writers, some of whose work I had a hand in reviewing and selecting for publication, but local artists as well,” said Alli Mancz ’21. “Currently, New Ohio Review is collaborating with Passion Works Studio here in Athens, planning to feature pieces from the organization’s expansive art collection in our upcoming print editions and online exclusives.”

Issue 27—Using ‘Poetic Instinct to Embrace Trouble and Whimsy’

Linking provocative words and provocative images is a key goal of NOR’s, and issue 27, which came out on March 4, featured a painting of an upside-down world. In announcing the issue, the editors wrote that the writers in that issue “have observed, painstakingly, a vibrant and messy part of their world. We recommend their ways of observing. We will need more of that in the coming months—more art and compassion, more peculiarity and humor, more of the poetic instinct to embrace trouble and whimsy, often at the same moment.”

With the invaluable help of its editorial associates, NOR continues to highlight and promote the writers and writing who provide the spark that is more necessary than ever in our upside-down world. And simply working on that literary endeavor can be a welcome distraction, too.

“The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful,” said Connor Beeman ’21. “But being able to come back to poetry and what we do with NOR has been very comforting and important to me.”

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