October 13, 2014 at 11:05 am

Message from the Chair: We Have the Components Needed to Achieve our Goals

DR. Dina Larios López

Dr. Dina Larios López

By Professor Dina Larios López
October 2014 Geological Sciences Newsletter

More than one year has passed since I became Chair of the Department of Geological Sciences at Ohio University. During this year, I have realized that one cannot understand how the university works until one becomes Chair and goes through the experience of learning all the different names and functions of the people responsible for planning and administrating the university in its many different aspects.

It was a very steep learning curve during the first year, but it was also a very rewarding experience that allowed one to see the department in a wider view. This position allows one to appreciate the faculty’s richness in research productivity, great teaching, and great interaction with students and alumni. It also allows one to detect where there is room for improvement and collaboration among us and with other units of the university and other organizations. One of the areas where our department can be considered blessed is the great interaction with our alumni, including their interest to see our students succeed just as they have done in their own careers.

One of the first things that I had to do as the new chair was to write an annual department report for the dean. In writing that report I discovered that the endowments provided by alumni donations had been crucial in keeping the quality of our teaching, student’s research, and faculty external exposure high during the last six years of economic crisis at the university. We are deeply indebted to our alumni and appreciate their love for Ohio University and our Department.

As I look ahead to the future, things are looking rosy, and I am confident that we will be able to continue our work in geology education that promotes a solid academic component as well as field skills and experiences needed to become successful geologists. We have the components needed to achieve our goals: a devoted and knowledgeable faculty, students who love geology, and alumni who help us and our students with their advice, time investment, connections, donations, and more than anything their moral support and interest in our program.

Wishing everyone a productive and successful year.

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