January 29, 2014 at 1:31 pm

Ecolunch: Reconstructing the Brains of Extinct Archosaur. Jan . 29

The Ecolunch Seminar Series presents Ashley Morhardt on “Reconstructing the Brains of Extinct Archosaur” on Jan. 29.

All Ecolunch seminars are Wednesdays from 11:50 to 1:40 p.m. in Irvine 159. Students are in BIOS 7000 Seminars in Ecology and BIOS 3880 Undergraduate Research & Inquiry & Analysis in EEB.

Upcoming Events

Ryan Felice on “Examining the Relationship Among Foraging Style, Rectricial Morphology, and the Caudal Skeleton in Birds” on Feb. 5.

Danielle D’Amore on “The Effect of Behavioral Syndromes on Behavioral Plasticity and the Success of Invasion in Xiphophorus Fishes” on Feb. 12.

Haley O’Brien on “Keeping a Cool Head: the Evolution of Thermoregulatory Cranial Vasculature in Ungulates” on March 12.

OCEES Faculty Meeting on March 19.

Paul Converse on “The Molecular and Population Ecology of Diamondback Terrapins” on March 26.

Eric Gorscak on “Insights into Cretaceous Faunal Patterns of Africa: What East African Sauropod Dinosaurs and Novel Phylogenetic Approaches Can Tell Us” on April 2.

Don Cerio on “Defining Functional Fields-of-View in Dinosaurs and Their Relatives Based on Anatomy and a Novel 3D Analytical Technique” on April 9.

Jillian Davis on “Functional Masticatory Morphology in Carnivoran Dietary Specialists” on April 16.

Taylor Phillips on “Seasonal Movements of the Sandstone Falls Population of Lower New River Walleye” on April 23.


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