February 11, 2015 at 9:30 pm

Ecolunch: Effects of Diet on Feeding Apparatus of Chelonians, Feb. 11

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Colloquium series “Ecolunch” Feb. 11 presenter is Jasmine Croghan – Biological Sciences on “The functional flexibility of jaw muscles: exploring the effects of diet on the feeding apparatus of chelonians.

All seminars are open to the public and meet in Irvine Hall Room 159 on Wednesdays from 11:50 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Spring 2015 Upcoming Events

Feb. 18, Brandon Gray – Biological Sciences, Multiple Responses by Hooded Warblers to Anthropogenic Forest Disturbance

Feb. 25, Sarah Kitson – Biological Sciences, Performance of Malaclemys terrapin Hatchlings

March 11, Ryan Dorkoski – Environmental and Plant Biology The consequences of acid rain on fine-root carbon allocation in a hardwood forest

March 18, Haley O’Brien – Biological Sciences, Musing and Machinations of Mammalian Microanatomy

March 25, Waymon Holloway – Biological Sciences, The biomechanical role of cranial sutures in the American alligator

April 1, Don Cerio – Biological Sciences. The eyes have it: Anatomical links between the orbit and vestibular system, and implications for inferring functional fields of view

April 8. Jason Bourke – Biological Sciences, Cooling tanks: Physiological implications of incorporating soft tissues in the nasal passages of dinosaurs.

April 15, Ashley Morhardt – Biological Sciences, If we only had a brain: morphological modeling and evolution of brains in non-avian din

April 22, Maggie Hantak – Biological Sciences, Sedulously Studying Salamander Silhouettes

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