December 1, 2013 at 10:11 am

Ping to Discuss His Presidency

Dr. Charles J. Ping, President Emeritus of Ohio University, discusses a “Conversation about OU and Its Presidency, 1975-94” on Dec. 19.
He will be introduced by Dr. Sam Crowl.

President of Ohio University for nineteen years (1975-1994), Charles Ping has plenty of stories to tell about the history of this institution during that period and about his own experiences as its leader. Ping’s career at Ohio University began just as the school was digging itself out of major crises, including declining enrollment that followed student protests against the Vietnam War. He built upon the long traditions of the university to develop a comprehensive planning process based on the idea of a university as a community that exceeded the sum of its parts. His leadership relied upon cooperation and commitment to long-term goals and involvement of everyone in the process of achieving them, rather than management from on-high. However difficult those years were for many, they proved to be productive far beyond the imagination of anyone involved.

Read more in the Emeriti News.

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