December 5, 2013 at 2:22 am

CMSS Colloquium: Quantum Rectification in Mesoscopic Circuits, Dec. 5

The Condensed Matter & Surface Sciences Colloquium series presents Alex Levchenko of Michigan State University on Thursday, Dec. 5, at 4:10 p.m. in Walter 245.

Alex Levchenko

Alex Levchenko

Levchenko, Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Michigan State, will address “Quantum rectification in mesoscopic circuits: point contacts, 2DEG bi-layers, Giaever transformers.”

“We consider plethora of quantum rectification phenomena in the interactively coupled double-layer mesoscopic systems ranging from quantum point contacts and nanowires, to superconductor-based flux-flow transformers,” he says. “In the case when premier coupling is due to Coulomb interaction the phenomenon of quantum rectification is commonly referred to as Coulomb drag effect. It represents a remarkable example when one fruitful theoretical idea evolved into the new field of research in condensed matter physics.

“Originally explored in the context of coupled 2DEG bi-layers, in the recent years the interest in quantum rectification is shifted towards investigation of novel materials, such as graphene for example, or new exotic topological phases like helical states realized in the quantum spin Hall systems. This colloquium aims to zoom into the experimental realizations and theoretical ideas related to the drag and rectification phenomena in the nano- or meso-scale circuits.”

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