October 7, 2013 at 9:06 am

Sandal on Two Panels, Religious Freedom and Political Change

Dr. Nukhet Sandal, Assistant Professor of Political Science, is a panelist at two conferences in October, including a Religious Freedom Project conference at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs at Georgetown University Oct. 9-10. The conference addresses the question: “Freedom to Flourish: Is Religious Freedom Necessary for Peace, Prosperity, and Democracy?”

Dr. Nukhet Sandal

Dr. Nukhet Sandal

Sandal is on a panel on “What is the Evidence that Religious Freedom is Necessary for the Political Success of Free Societies?”

Since its inception in 2011 the Religious Freedom Project has conducted a wide ranging conversation among policymakers, scholars, and the media on the meaning and value of religious freedom. The two-day capstone conference looks back over the project’s first three years, and looks forward as well. It addresses the relationship between religious freedom and human flourishing. Top experts will engage in a series of rich and dynamic discussions around the proposition that religious freedom is not only a universal right but also a universal good—a key ingredient in the flourishing of individuals and societies everywhere, according to the project website.

Sandal also speaks at Brown University, where the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the Watson Institute for International Studies organized a multi-disciplinary, inter-regional conference on Social Media and Political Change, on Friday, Oct. 4, on “Social Media and Political Change in Latin America and the Middle East: Comparative and Historical Perspectives.”

Sandal is on the panel that includes Turkey and Egypt. Sandal will speak about the current situation in Turkey.

Sandal researches religion and international affairs, the politics of divided societies, and international relations theory. She previously taught at Brown University. Sandal has articles (published or forthcoming) in the European Journal of International Relations, Review of International Studies, Alternatives, Political Studies, Human Rights Quarterly, and Canadian Journal of Political Science. She is the author of Religion in International Relations Theory: Interactions and Possibilities (2013, with Jonathan Fox). Sandal has a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California.

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