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August 28, 2013 at 8:09 am

Athens News: OU Prof Hits on Right Formula for Teaching Chemistry



Photo by Eric Masson

Dr. Eric Masson, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the College of Arts & Sciences, has seen a 10 to 15 percent increase in grades in organic chemistry since he invented a computer game that works like dominoes. Students use cards with reagents, reactants, reaction conditions, and products to link the ingredients that form chemical reactions, reports Fred Knight in an Athens News article on “OU prof hits on right formula for teaching chemistry.”

Organic chemistry is a chemistry sub-discipline involving the study of matter that contains carbon atoms and is considered one of the toughest science courses around. But an Ohio University professor has come up with a way to help ease the pain for students here and possibly worldwide.

Eric Masson invented a computer game he’s calling Orgomino and plans to use it in the classroom winter semester.

“Students sometimes use ‘Orgo’ as an abbreviation for organic chemistry,” said Masson. “Since the game is reminiscent of a domino game, Orgomino came to mind quite naturally.”

The project started several years ago when Masson noticed students in his general organic chemistry class struggling on tests. They were having trouble understanding chemical reactions.

“That’s where the idea of the game came from,” he said.

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