December 3, 2021 at 3:43 pm

Advising News | Helpful insights for students in the application process for professional programs

By Ann LaComb
Pre-Health Advisor

Are you currently in the application process for professional programs? It’s an anxious time as you wait to hear back from programs such as medical schools, dentistry schools, etc. that you have already applied to.

Are you starting to wonder how to make certain your favorite schools know just how much you want to get in? Should you send them updates now? How about a letter of interest?

Programs do not require that you send updates, but if your file has been complete for several weeks and the program allows updates (most do), consider the following helpful insights:

  • Do not send updates if a school asks you not to send additional information. If it’s unclear whether they will accept or welcome updates, contact the admissions office to ask.
  • Generally speaking, an update when something significant has happened (e.g., you have won an award, begun a job or new clinical volunteering experience, or had an article published) can be seen as an expression of continued interest.
  • Updates sent too frequently or with too little content may be more of an inconvenience than a benefit to your candidacy. You will have to judge for yourself the line between overly eager, annoying and appropriate.
  • One additional letter of recommendation may be appropriate in the course of the application cycle if schools will accept them.
  • If you have gained new perspective on a school and your fit for it (by researching it further, following recent news, meeting someone affiliated with the school, etc.), it can be helpful to include that insight in your update.
  • Updates should be concise and clear – keep it to no more than a page.
  • Always write with a professional tone and include your application ID in your correspondence.
  • Submit the updates in whatever manner the school prefers – this is often through their portal.

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