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June 15, 2021 at 8:35 am

Miner talks to ABC 6 on National Cancer Survivor’s Day, riding in Pelatonia as a survivor

Steven Miner, portrait

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Dr. Steven Miner told ABC 6 TV’s Good Day Columbus that he was back on his bike and training for another 100-mile Pelatonia race to end cancer. But this time he’ll be riding as a survivor, having spent much of 2020 fighting lung and kidney cancer.

It was Jan. 8, 2020, when he went “from being an advocate for the James to being a patient,” he said on June 6, National Cancer Survivor’s Day.

Miner says doctors don’t use the term “cancer free,” and he “will remain a cancer patient for the rest of my life…. Doctors use this wonderful jargon, and I’ll never forget the line because it was, ‘We couldn’t measure the tumor because it wasn’t visible.'”

Now Miner and his team are back in training for the Pelatonia, something he’s been doing since 2010.

“One feeling you get when do something like Pelatonia and ride 100 miles, there are hundreds of people that line the route and cheer you on and hold up signs about their families, and you realize how many people are affected by this.”

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