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Alumni News | Remembering Harriett (Stine) Craven ’48

Harriett (Stine) Craven, portrait

Harriett (Stine) Craven

Ohio University alumna Harriett (Stine) Craven, AB 1948,  died on March 16 at the age of 96 at Helen Porter Rehabilitation and Nursing in Middlebury, Vt., according to her obituary.

…After working and attending secretarial school in Pittsburgh, she enrolled at Ohio University, graduating in 1948 with a B.A. in English. She was married in 1949 to John V. Craven of Portland, Maine.

Before having children, Harriett worked at the medical school library at Syracuse University and the Public Health Service in Washington, D.C. She and Jack moved to Vermont when he took a job teaching in the Middlebury College Economics Department; they settled in Middlebury for the rest of their lives, with two periods living in Europe.

Harriett held secretarial positions in the Middlebury College Art Department and the Chinese and Japanese Summer Language Schools, and later worked in the office of the Congregational Church of Middlebury. She was a Girl Scout Leader, organized Unitarian Sunday School, participated in college service groups, was a board member at Ilsley Library, and volunteered at the Sheldon Museum.

Always happy to return to city life, she reveled in years spent in Brussels, Belgium and Bath, England. In a Volkswagen Beetle the family drove through most of Western Europe, guided by Harriett’s close reading of “Europe on $5 a Day” and the Michelin series, visiting every cathedral, art museum, chateau and scenic ruin in their path. In later years, she and Jack traveled to other countries in Europe and Latin America, and to cities across the U.S., especially for reunions of Jack’s 305th Bombardment Group, Eighth Air Force….

Read more in her obituary.

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