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February 26, 2021 at 7:47 pm

The Lilly Quotes Burgess on Progressives’ Hopes in Ohio

During her lecture, Dr. Burgess spoke about how LGBT life has changed over the years at OHIO and in the United States.

Dr. Susan Burgess 

Dr. Susan Burgess, Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Ohio University, was quoted by The Lilly in a story headlined Is Ohio ready to elect a new member of ‘the Squad’? These progressives hope so.

“I think there is potential for progressives in the state,” said Susan Burgess, a distinguished professor of political science at Ohio University. “The political culture of the so-called Rust Belt states is shifting. They’re not a cohesive unit in the way that they used to be, and that’s characteristic of a realigning time.”

Read more in The Lilly.

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