January 13, 2021 at 8:37 am

Alumni News | Richard Friedberg Passes at Age 80

Ohio University alumnus Richard Friedberg ’62 died at age 80 after a long life that included military service in Korea and Vietnam and an active life onstage in Key Biscayne, Fla., according to his obituary in the Islander News.

Friedberg was born in Cleveland Ohio in 1940. He lived most of his early life and Chauncey Ohio, graduating from Ohio University with a major in Russian language studies. In college, he was a member of the ROTC. After college, he saw military service as a captain in the US Army in Korea and Vietnam, from 1962 and 1968,sl. Friedberg was awarded the Bronze Star for Meritorious Achievement.

Read more at Local theater legend, Army veteran and insurance exec, Richard Friedberg, dies at age 80.


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