October 23, 2020 at 11:47 am

‘Twas the Night Before College…

Graphic pen treatment of Cutler Hall

Twas the night before college
And all through my head
Visions of missed exams
Filled me with dread.

But it was just a dream.
Tim Burton playing with me.
No Jack Skellington virus
Could change what will be.

I’ll be in Athens next September.
I’ll be snug in my bed
Before the first leaves fall
Textbook beside me, unread.

I’ll be in Athens next October.
And when I throw open the sash
I’ll see alumni on court street,
dancing the monster mash.

I’ll be in Athens next November.
I’ll be studying then
I don’t want to take
Freshmen biology again.

I’ll be in Athens next December.
Happy to be headed home.
But counting the days
I’ll be back on my own.

I’ll be in Athens next January.
More confidence in my walk
Might even raise my hand
Show my professor I can talk.

I’ll be in Athens next February.
Won’t need ‘kerchief nor hat.
I’ll pretend it’s sunny,
Be cool, and all that.

I’ll be in Athens next March.
But not for long.
I’ll be heading abroad
for spring break, so long .

I’ll be in Athens next April.
Doing a poster for Expo.
Amazed at myself
How much I could know.

I’ll be in Athens next May.
Blooms on the cherry trees.
My stuff packed in boxes.
Taking finals with ease .

I’ll be home next June.
Wait. Can’t we stay here together?
Dreaming I could stay in Athens
a little longer—forever.


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