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September 1, 2020 at 4:44 pm

Krzic Authors Column in Korea Times about Peace Corps Volunteers

Dr. Gerry Krzic, portrait

Dr. Gerry Krzic

Dr. Gerry Krzic, director of the Ohio Program of Intensive English at Ohio University, authored an article in the Korea Times headlined “[Friends of Korea] We left Korea, but Korea never left us.”

Anyone who has spent time in Korea has probably heard of “jeong,” a concept characterized as a collective emotion of caring, love, attachment ― an unspoken bond difficult to define but evident when seen in action. Jeong is usually described in different forms such as jeong between friends (woojeong) and between mother and child (mojeong).

I would like to offer another form of jeong ― Peace Corps jeong ― permeating in a subset of American society. That is, Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Korea from 1966 to 1981….

Read his column in the Korea Times.

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