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August 31, 2020 at 4:21 pm

Castellano Discusses Mental Health Treatment Court with Philadelphia Inquirer

Dr. Ursula Castellano

Dr. Ursula Castellano

Ursula Castellano, Associate Professor of Sociology at Ohio University, was quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer story headlined “A panhandler punched a Chinese American woman and called her a slur. Will it be considered a hate crime?”

Úrsula Castellano, an Ohio University sociologist who studies mental-health courts, said that is almost a prototypical example of a person who could benefit from diversion into a mental-health treatment court. Participants tend to be housing insecure, and 70% have both mental-health and substance-dependency issues, she said.

“A person who is homeless and roused by police to move along, and they respond with anger or hostility — that is a person who is under a tremendous amount of stress with very few resources. So a typical response from the court would be prolonged treatment adjudicated by the judge, as opposed to 30 days of probation.”

Read more at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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