August 10, 2020 at 1:25 pm

A&S 1804 Projects Include Arches & BRICKS Initiatives, Genomic Cluster

From Ohio University News

College of Arts & Sciences faculty are involved in three out of nine Ohio University Foundation grants totaling $295,077 awarded from the 1804 Fund.

The three A&S proposals focus on graduate and undergraduate learning initiatives.

Dr. Sarah Poggione, portrait

Dr. Sarah Poggione

Collaborative Arches Initiative
Applicant: Sarah Poggione
Funding: $25,000

To enhance undergraduate learning, this proposal seeks funding for faculty and staff collaboration across Athens colleges and Regional Higher Education for developing Arches proposals for the new OHIO BRICKS. Based on information about the needs of students across the system, 35 to 40 faculty recruited from different disciplinary backgrounds, colleges, and campuses will meet primarily during the summer of 2020 to develop five to seven Arches to serve the needs of undergraduate students, particularly those in restrictive majors with little flexibility. These early proposals will serve as examples for other Arches and allow faculty representing such restrictive majors to participate directly in the development of Arches.

Edna Wangui, portrait

Dr. Edna Wangui

Globalizing General Education: Addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with BRICKS
Applicants: E. Edna Wangui, Catherine Cutcher, Pittaya Paladroi-Shane
Funding: $16,240

This proposal seeks to take a major step toward systematically globalizing general education at Ohio University. It has two broad objectives. First, the team will develop curriculum that brings the UN-SDGs into the classroom through BRICKS. The team will bring together faculty to develop the following three Arches that line up with the UN-SDGs: global inequalities, peace and justice, and global food systems and security. The second objective targets the undergraduate curriculum in the Center for International Studies (CIS). The team will align 12 of the World Language classes with Bridges common goals, create a Capstone course, and seek OTM approval for 10 CIS courses.

Diego Alvarado-Serrano, portrait outdoors

Dr. Diego Alvarado-Serrano

OHIO’s First Training-friendly HPC Genomic Cluster
Applicants: Diego F. Alvarado-Serrano, Ronan Carroll, Shawn Kuchta, Bill Broach, Sarah Wyatt, John Schenk
Funding: $77,612

The Genomic Era has revolutionized the life sciences and significantly broadened the scope and depth of research across a wide range of disciplines. However, incorporation of genomic data and analyses in education and research is hindered by both limited bioinformatics expertise and lack of entry-level computational resources. To address this challenge, the team proposes the establishment of a small local High-Performance Computing cluster, coupled with the development of a formal “Personal Genomics” undergraduate/graduate class and an introductory genomics workshop for faculty and graduate students. This facility will enhance undergraduate experiential learning and boost research capabilities and competitiveness for extramural funding.

Dr. Ronan Carroll, portrait

Dr. Ronan Carroll

Shawn Kuchta, portrait

Dr. Shawn Kuchta

Bill Broach, portrait in lab

Dr. Bill Broach

Dr. Sarah Wyatt in the growth lab with a model of the Falcon rocket that will take their experiment to the International Space Station.

Dr. Sarah Wyatt in the growth lab with a model of the Falcon rocket that will take their experiment to the International Space Station. Photo by Ben Siegel

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