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July 27, 2020 at 12:18 pm

HR Daily Advisor Quotes Dutcher on Remote Work Tasks

Dr. Glenn Dutcher, portrait

Dr. Glenn Dutcher

HR Daily Advisor quoted Dr. Glenn Dutcher in a story headlined “Time to Refocus Training on Remote Work?

“[A] 2012 study found that people performed ‘dull’ tasks better in a controlled cubicle setting than they did in a less-structured remote environment,” writes Cory Stieg. “The reason? If you’re in a less-structured environment, but you’re faced with a boring assignment, ordinary distractions (like walking your dog, doing your laundry or watching TV) seem more interesting, Glenn Dutcher, assistant professor at Ohio University who has studied the effects of telecommuting on creativity and productivity, tells CNBC Make It.”

Read more at HR Daily Advisor.

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