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May 11, 2020 at 1:22 pm

Hicks in Dispatch | Sky Might Seem Constant, But It’s a Fluid Place

Dr. Kenneth Hicks, portrait

Dr. Kenneth Hicks

Dr. Kenneth Hicks, Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Ohio University, authored a column in the Columbus Dispatch headlined “Astronomy: Sky might seem constant, but it’s a fluid place.”

When we look at the night sky, there is a feeling of permanence. The stars appear to be unchanging, always in the same constellations. But over millions of years, the stars change their relative positions as they orbit around their galactic center.

So, the Milky Way galaxy is an ever-changing place. And now, there is good evidence that our galaxy was once two separate galaxies that merged together….

Read more in the Columbus Dispatch.

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