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April 27, 2020 at 3:44 pm

Rios in WalletHub: Remote Jobs Can Reduce Social Inequalities

Dr. Kimberly Rios, portrait

Dr. Kimberly Rios

WalletHub featured Dr. Kimberly Rios, Associate Professor of Psychology at Ohio University, in an article headlined “Best States for Working from Home.”

Rios answers several questions in the article:

  • In evaluating the best work from home infrastructure, what are the top 3 indicators?
  • Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, what are the steps that an individual can take in order to successfully transition to a work from home environment?
  • Should companies invest more of their resources in establishing a functional work from home alternative for their employees? Will remote jobs be easier to come by after the Coronavirus crisis has ended?
  • What are the most important advantages and disadvantages of working from home?

In answer to whether remote jobs will become more prevalent, Rios answered, “Should they? Yes, given that a lack of opportunities to work remotely can perpetuate existing gender and class inequalities. For example, a single parent who needs to stay home because his/her child is sick should be given the chance to earn a full day’s wages if s/he wishes. Will remote jobs be easier to come by? I would like to think so, but who really knows! Perhaps framing remote jobs as a chance to reduce certain kinds of social inequalities would help.”

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