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April 30, 2020 at 11:10 am

Happy Beginnings | M.A. in Law, Justice & Culture Class of 2020

Graduation illustration with mortarboards flying

Center for Law, Justice & Culture faculty are very proud to celebrate the achievements and the exciting futures of the graduating class of the Master of  Arts in Law, Justice & Culture:

  • Adriana Booksh completed her master’s Research Essay titled: “DACA: An Ongoing Immigration Debate.”
  • Emma Brandewiede plans to continue her work in performance arts non-profits, as well as pursue efforts to expand opportunities for women and girls in the same field. Her master’s Research Essay is titled “Legacies of Pregnancy Discrimination: Limitations of Legal Mobilization in AT&T v. Hulteen.”
  • Laura Conley plans to prepare for law school in the future, where she is interested in pursuing a future in family law. Conley’s master’s research essay is titled “The 1994 Violence Against Women Act: Where It Began.”
  • Diana Disu completed her master’s research essay titled “Shelby County V. Holder, 570 U.S. 529 (2013): Unpacking The Oral Arguments And The Amicus Curiae Brief Of “Covered Jurisdictions””
  • Destiny Fordham will continue to work for the Center for Employed Opportunities. Her master’s research essay is titled “The Birth of Probation: Fear, Surveillance, and Second Chance.”
  • Zoe Hahn completed her master’s research essay titled “The Development Of Judicial Fact-Finding Based On Supreme Court Cases: Alleyne V. United States.”
  • Carly Kay completed her master’s research essay titled “Law’s Violence: A Transformation Of Prisoner’s Right Litigation”
  • Liz Lattner completed her master’s thesis titled: “Perceived Black Criminality in the Former Confederate South and Its Impact on Contributors to Wrongful Convictions in Cases of African American Men.”
  • Jenna Myers completed her master’s research essay titled “Law’s Violence In The Death Penalty: Wrongful Convictions And Exonerations”
  • Maya Oshita will work for the Common Please Court in Logan, Ohio where she is a pre-sentence investigator, continuing to help with the creation of a new felony probation department. Her master’s research essay is titled “The Deployment of Sexuality in Connecticut Department of Public Safety v. Doe: An Analysis of the Case and the Legislation Preceding It.”
  • Angie Regan will continue her work as the director of the Welcome Home SIS, a non-profit that provides housing and resources for women who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. Her master’s research essay is titled “Law as a Shapeshifter: An Exploration of Female Prisoner Narratives and the Re-Traumatization of Incarceration.
  • Samantha Rommel completed her master’s research essay titled “India’s Settler Colonial Project in Kashmir.”
  • Ryan Severance completed his master’s research essay titled “The Presidential Relationship to the Rule of Law.”
  • Elle Smith will work as a shelter advocate at Choices domestic violence shelter. Her master’s thesis is titled “Maneuvering the MPP: A Legal and Discursive Analysis of the Current Legal Challenges to the Migrant Protection Protocols.”
  • Gabrielle Tharp is moving to Boulder, Colo. to attend the University of Colorado Law School. Her master’s research essay is titled “Promises Made and Broken: Shawnee-American Treaties as a Weapon of Colonialism.”
  • Sara White has completed her master’s research essay titled “Say What? An Examination of University Policy Evolution in Response to Campus Protests.”

Congratulations graduates and good luck with your bright futures!

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