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March 28, 2020 at 12:34 pm

Bobcats Helping Bobcats | Ways to Help Your Service Worker Friends

By Holly Johnson ’20
Ohio University

In the midst of COVID-19, numerous businesses had to shut their doors, leaving countless employees laid-off unexpectedly. Among those heavily affected are the service-industry workers who heavily rely on tips as their source of income.

The global health pandemic has impacted all of us immensely, but it is important to remember to still be kind to one another and help out if we are able. Listed below are ways you can contribute:

USBG Charity Foundation Bartender Emergency Assistance Program 

The USBG has set up an emergency grant program that out-of-work bartenders can apply for and receive up to $2,500 pending application status and need. Any bartender that has worked within the past year or a spouse or immediate family member of a bartender is eligible to apply. Those interested may also donate to the fund through the link above.


Mid-Ohio Valley Virtual Tip Jar

ClutchMOV is a free online magazine that focuses on the Mid-Ohio Valley created and run by Sarah Arnold. Recently, they published an article promoting a virtual tip jar to help support local industry members that are currently dealing with the loss of income. Those in need can self-submit a form listing their name, place of work, current employment status, and PayPal or Venmo account. Those who wish to donate can then view this list and donate at their discretion, but are encouraged to verify the legitimacy of the information given.


Ohio University COVID-1 Student Emergency Microgrants

Ohio University has set up an emergency micro-grant program to help current students facing financial hardships. Those eligible must be a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student in good standing and be able to provide documentation of financial need. Further requirements for the application can be found on the FAQ page. Donations are being accepted in $10, $25, $50, and other amounts at the donors choosing.

If you or anyone you know is a service worker, share these resources with them and consider making a contribution or share this webpage to those who can. No matter the circumstances, we are all a part of the bobcat community.

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