January 7, 2020 at 4:00 pm

Five Students Win Poster Sessions at Neuroscience Research Day

Participants of the 2019 Neuroscience Research Day pose for a group photo.

Participants of the 2019 Neuroscience Research Day pose for a group photo.

By Kaitlyn Lyons

Researchers and students from various departments met at Lake Hope Lodge for the the third annual Ohio University Neuroscience Research Day on Nov. 2.

This day, hosted by the Biological Sciences Department and the Neuroscience program, consisted of various speakers, undergraduate and graduate poster presentations, delicious food, and good company. Participants came from Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Communication Science Disorders, Physics & Astronomy, and Psychology.

The day started off with an intriguing presentation by the keynote speaker, Dr. Patricia Jensen. Her research interest lies in central norepinephrine-producing neurons that compromise a diverse population of cells differing in their anatomical location, connectivity, function, and response to disease and environmental insult.

The next part of the day was made up of graduate students presenting their posters and giving short talks about their research, which was followed by lunch.  Next, Dr. Mitchell Day, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at OHIO, gave a talk about neural encoding of sound source direction for low and high frequency sounds.

Afterward, Dr. Nilesh Washnik, Assistant Professor in the OHIO School of Rehabilitation and Communication Studies, spoke about the effect of noise exposure on normal hearing in non-music majors and music major students at OHIO.

Lastly, Dr. Dominik Mischkowski, Assistant Professor of Psychology at OHIO, discussed the social side effects of acetaminophen (Tylenol).

The last event of the day included a group of undergraduate students presenting their research posters.

The winners of the graduate poster competitions were Subhodip AdhicarySarah Baitamouni and Cheng Qi.  The undergraduate winners included Haley Appelmann and Shruthi Kandalai.

Special thanks go to the Biological Sciences Department, Ohio University Research Division, the Biomedical Sciences Department, and the Physics & Astronomy Department for sponsoring this event.


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