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December 2, 2019 at 11:45 pm

Geography Seniors Present Capstones at Research Exhibition

Sonia Ferrier with her capstone presentation

Sonia Ferrier with her capstone presentation

The Geography Department hosted its annual Capstone Research poster exhibition on Dec. 12, demonstrating a diversity of geographic research in physical and human geography.

More than 35 seniors exhibited posters for their capstone projects in GEOG 4800: Capstone Experience in Geography, a Tier III seminar course.

Among the student researchers this year was Sonia Ferrier, a senior Environmental Geography major with a research interest in solid waste management systems. Her project examined the management implications of changes in recycling rates since the advent of single stream recycling in Athens County.

She says her capstone project was different from other class projects, noting, “It definitely allowed me to do a project that is larger in scope than what we are able to do for a regular class…. The capstone research project helped me to think about the real world importance and impacts of research.”

Students are encouraged to present their projects at Ohio University’s Student Expo in April as well as other conferences.

Several meteorology majors already presented their research at the American Meteorological Society (AMS) annual meeting in Boston, where two students won student research awards.


  • Kahild Albooshi and Evan Young and Alqasam Al Gheilani, Geographical Factors Influencing Attendance and Expansion in MLS Franchises
  • Jaime Anderson, Comparative Analysis of Environmental Sounding Data around the Tornado Void Lee of the Central Appalachian Mountains
  • Nicolas Binfield, Transportation Justice in the Athens Public Transit System
  • Adam Brokaw and Zachary Logsdon, Relationships between Atmospheric Teleconnections and Winter Climate for South-Central Ohio
  • Danielle Calabrese and Ashley Resnicky, Hurricane Vulnerability in Puerto Rico
  • Jacob Collins, The Drive to Vote: What Network Analysis Reveals about Commute Time and Voter Turnout in Athens County
  • Morgan Conklin, Food Deserts in Southeast Ohio
  • Nathaniel Cox, Comparison of Income and Transportation Access between Food Deserts and Non-Food Deserts in Cincinnati
  • Ryan Diehl, Assessment of Annual Temperature and Precipitation Variability within Ohio
  • Kira Ehrnsberger, Shifts in the Sturgeon Fishing and Processing Industry Over Time in Sandusky, Ohio
  • Sierra Faris, Mapping Food Resources in Southeastern Ohio with SEO FOODLINK
  • Sonya Ferrier, Effects of Single Stream Collection on Rates and Quality of Recyclables in Athens-Hocking Counties
  • Braxton Fox, Economic Impacts of Fracking in Southeast Ohio
  • Blake Hardesty, Development of a New Tropical Cyclone Classification System Based on Wind, Rain, and Storm Surge
  • Peter Hein, Universal Definition of a Sacrificed Zone; Focus in Appalachia
  • Megan Johnson, Redlining in Atlanta: 1930’s to Present
  • Greysan Kerns, Inundation Risk and Housing Market Valuation to Determine Sea Level Rise
  • Alicia Lundy-Morse and Ava Schmidt, Rails-to-Trails Connectivity Benefits in South-West Columbus
  • Duncan McDonel, The Post-Modern Era of Roller Coasters: How Cedar Fair’s Ohio Parks Are Defining a New Generation of Design and Attractions at Regional Amusement Parks
  • Eric Omietanski, Examining Fluvial Dynamics of the Hocking and Scioto Rivers
  • Sam Schweikert, Switching from Coal to Natural Gas at Ohio University
  • Jonah Shahid, A Utopian Goal: Assessing the Current State of Reston’s Founding Principles
  • Nicholas Shaver, Most Common Severe-Weather Producing Storm Mode in Ohio
  • Alexandra Sines, Investigating the Relationship between Physical Environment and Plant Composition
  • Christian Slee, Exploring Deep Learning for Eminence Detection
  • David Suman, Mechanization of Coal Mining and African Americans in West Virginia
  • Matthew Thigpen and Peter Vanden Bosch, Relative Tornado Threat with Respect to Storm Modes in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Tri-State Region from 2006-2017
  • Steven Weinstein, Shift in Tornado Activity Within the Continental U.S. Over the Past Several Decades
  • Ebony Whittaker, Extensive Cattle Ranching and Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon
  • Colin Wilson, Primary Factors Leading to the Development of Food Deserts in Appalachian Ohio


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