December 3, 2019 at 12:52 pm

Eyitayo Named Insight Data Science Fellow

Damilola Eyitayo in lab

Damilola Eyitayo

Ohio University graduate student Damilola Eyitayo was invited to participate in the prestigious Insight Data Science Fellows program for his exemplary research on the effects of human landscape modification on plant community composition and function.

Insight fellows complete intensive seven-week post-doctoral training on how to use data science to solve problems in a variety of fields, including biotech, business intelligence, social media, and politics. The fellowship is self-directed and project-based, guided by top data scientists in the industry. Eyitayo also will be invited to interview with top data science companies as a result of completing the program.

Eyitayo, a Ph.D. student in Plant Biology, heard about Insight through a friend earning a Ph.D. in Physics.

“So sometime in October, I got an email requesting applications for the program, and I applied just to test my chances,” Eyitayo said. “Then about a week later, I got an email to schedule a zoom interview, which I did, and I showed the interviewer some of the coding and data analysis I had done for my dissertation data and a couple of data science projects I had done just out of curiosity.” The interviewer was impressed with his work.

Eyitayo studies how modified landscapes, such as powerline corridors and managed old-fields, affect species richness and individual plant abundances as a result of landscape modification and their management. He also studies the effect of landscape modification on plant-insect interactions and pollination. His research aims to understand how plant communities respond to landscape modification to ensure sustainable landscape management.

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