November 18, 2019 at 3:35 pm

Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity Visits 5 Law Schools over Veterans Day Weekend

Maurer Law School Visit group photo

OHIO students visit Maurer Law School.

Phi Alpha Delta, Ohio University’s Pre-Law Fraternity, spent Veterans Day weekend visiting five law schools in Ohio and Indiana. A group of 12 students interested in law school, ranging from first-year students to seniors, went on the trip.

Students had the opportunity to visit the University of Cincinnati College of Law, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Capital University Law School, The Maurer School of Law at Indiana University Bloomington, and were visited by the Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University.

“The law school trip is one of my favorite parts of Phi Alpha Delta, getting to explore new cities and law schools with so many of my Phi Alpha Delta friends is a great way to learn what opportunities are available for me after graduation. Seeing so many schools back to back allows me to critically compare the schools and contrast the programs in a way that is so helpful,” shared Lillian Mattimoe, a senior studying Political Science and Sociology, with certificates in Law, Justice, & Culture and Political Communication. Mattimoe has been on the annual law school trip for the last three years.

As the treasurer of Phi Alpha Delta, Mattimoe was tasked with organizing and planning the trip. “Planning the trip was so rewarding, and I’m so glad we were able to take such a diverse group of members to five law schools!”

Phi Alpha Delta Moritz Visit group photo

Phi Alpha Delta Moritz Visit

Lydia Wendel, a senior studying Political Science with a minor in Anthropology and Certificate in Law, Justice, & Culture, was excited for the opportunity to compare each law school they visited.

“I loved being able to visit the different law schools with my friends in Phi Alpha Delta. Being able to experience the different schools side by side with my friends made everything more fun,” Wendel said. “As I’ve just finished applying to different law schools, the trip was especially valuable. I am looking forward to potentially attending one of them next year.”

Many students who went on the trip found it very informative and fun. Each visit was able to show students the programs, internships and focus of the different law schools.

Micaela Beathem-Garcia, a sophomore studying Political Science Pre-Law and Global Studies-Europe with a minor in History and a Certificate in Law, Justice & Culture, excitedly exclaimed, “It was really interesting to see the different law schools and how varied in programs, fellowships, and their ability to place students  around the country! I feel like I know better now what I’m looking for in a law school!”

She went on to say that one school stuck out to her specifically, “University of Cincinnati seemed like a very well rounded school with a lot of opportunities, especially with all of their selective fellowships.”

Larry Hayman, CLJC Pre-Law Specialist & Advisor and Phi Alpha Delta’s adviser, said, “This was a really useful experience for the students who went on the trip. Observing a law school class and meeting with current law students and professors is helpful in allowing students to assess whether legal education may be a good fit for them. Additionally, students who have made the decision to attend law school should visit law schools before making their final commitments. Every school has its own feel, and a student should feel comfortable in a place where they will be spending much of their next three or more years.”

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