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October 27, 2019 at 10:49 am

Milam Quoted, Gives Lecture on Serpent Mound and Asteroid Impact

Dr. Keith Milam, portrait

Dr. Keith Milam

Dr. Keith Milam, Associate Professor of Geological Sciences at Ohio University, was quoted in the Exponent in a story headlined “Lecture to discuss Serpent Mound impact crater in southern Ohio.”

The lecture, named “The Serpent Mound and the Asteroid Impact”, will be presented by Dr. Keith Milam, the assistant professor of geology at Ohio University.

The lecture will focus on the Serpent Mound impact structure and past, present, and future research surrounding it. In addition to this, it will touch on why scientists study impact craters.

The Serpent Mound is an impact structure left by an asteroid that struck the Earth over 300 million years ago. It is nine miles in diameter and organisms would have felt the impact of the asteroid up to 500 miles away.

According to Milam, “Serpent Mound itself is a Paleoindian effigy mound located in the southwest corner of the Serpent Mound impact structure in southern Ohio.”

Read more in the Exponent.


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