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October 1, 2019 at 11:45 pm

Career Corner | Recruiter for Ohio Attorney General’s Office on Campus Oct. 2

Doctor talking to the patient about menopause and treatment in future.

Special Agent-in-Charge Lloyd S. Early holds an informational and recruitment session for several positions available at the Ohio Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 5 p.m. in Bentley Hall 135.

Early is recruiting for two positions: Medicaid Fraud Intake Officer and Medicaid Fraud Special Agent. He also will discuss other job opportunities across the office.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in employment with the state and/or investigation work.

For more information about the event, contact Dr. Amanda Cox at

Medicaid Fraud Intake Officer

A Medicaid Fraud Intake Officer receives incoming complaints of Medicaid provider fraud, patient abuse and neglect, the misappropriation of care facility resident funds/property, and related crimes, via telephone, mail, electronic mail, and website; provides information and assistance to consumers, government officials, law enforcement agencies and the general public; collects preliminary data regarding complaint, and resolves, refers, or memorializes complaints; performs preliminary research and data analysis regarding complaints; corresponds with regulatory, administrative and law enforcement agencies; maintains records; serves as an evidence custodian; performs related clerical tasks; updates records and files; copies records; proofreads reports; and maintains files on a personal computer.

Medicaid Fraud Special Agent

A Medicaid Fraud Special Agent conducts criminal investigations of alleged Medicaid provider fraud, patient abuse and neglect, the misappropriation of care facility resident funds/property, and related crimes; locates and interviews witnesses, victims, and suspects; collects, inventories, preserves and examines evidence; manipulates and analyzes data; prepares investigative reports and memoranda; performs physical surveillance; engages in undercover operations, posing as a Medicaid beneficiary seeking medical treatment, goods, or services; assists prosecutors in preparing witnesses and evidence for trial; serves subpoenas; executes search warrants in conjunction with law enforcement officers; testifies in grand jury and court; coordinates activities with other law enforcement agencies and acts as liaison with administrative and regulatory agencies; participates in in-service training; participates in meetings; maintains security of evidence; and photographs activities, scenes, and physical evidence.

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