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October 31, 2019 at 4:24 pm

Alumni News | Ulloa Writes on Shoulder Dislocation and Related Injuries

Dr. Sergio A. Ulloa

Dr. Sergio A. Ulloa

Ohio University alum Dr. Sergio A. Ulloa authored a column in the Athens Messanger headlined “Beneath the blade: shoulder dislocation and related injuries.”

Ulloa earned a B.S. in Chemistry Pre-Medicine from the College of Arts & Sciences and a D.O. from the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Have you seen what the latest in football shoulder pads look like? If you envision a bulky pair of plastic pads with a neck hole connected by string ties, it has been a long time since you have seen them.

Today’s shoulder pads resemble a gladiator’s armor, something that is medieval but also futuristic. Here’s an actual description that accompanies a premium pair of shoulder pads — “high impact foam, shock technology, multi-stage compression, belt-style chest straps, flexible shock cords, floating sternum plates for crucial coverage.” This kind of equipment advancement is leaps and bounds better than what athletes wore even 10 years ago. But as great as these products look, sound and perform — shoulder injuries are still among the most common ailments to sideline a football player.

On the gridiron, the shoulder undergoes a tremendous amount of physical stress no matter what position an athlete plays. Tackling or being tackled often leads to landing on a shoulder. Blocking on the offensive and defensive lines puts extreme pressure on the shoulder joint, and that stress can lead to a variety of injuries ranging from the mild to the more severe. Today we will start by looking at a common injury, a shoulder dislocation, as well as some additional injuries that often accompany a dislocation….

Read more in the Athens Messenger.

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