October 7, 2019 at 9:45 am

Advising Tip | Boost Your Study Skills Now to Finish the Term Strong

Eileen Schulz, portrait

Eileen Schulz

By Eileen Schulz
College of Arts & Sciences Academic Advisor

As we round the corner into week 7 through midterms and then onto finals, now is the time to dig deep and craft your plan for a strong finish to the semester.

By now you should have received some feedback from your professors, maybe though a quiz or class assignments. Check Blackboard to assess your grades so you can respond and readjust if needed. Review your semester planner and each class syllabus to plan your study strategies in preparation for upcoming due dates.

By planning ahead now, you will be able to work strategically and take full advantage of the campus resources available to support your success. If you haven’t already, below are some campus resources you should be taking advantage of.

Start Now!

  • Review your schedule and incorporate time to attend Supplemental Instruction (SI) or the Math and Science Center.
  • Finish writing assignments with time to visit the Writing Center prior to submitting them for a grade.
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with your professor during office hours to discuss any difficulty you are having and obtain suggestions for improving.
  • If you are struggling putting together your plan or just need help honing or learning new study skills, you can stop in at the Academic Achievement Center on the second floor of Alden Library.
    • Sharpen your Time Management skills.
    • Improve your Note Taking skills.
    • Schedule a one-on-one session through Tutor Trac with a study skills coach to improve performance and develop effective habits.
  • Meet with a professional adviser in the College of Arts & Sciences Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs to learn more about on campus resources to support your success.

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