October 28, 2019 at 11:18 am

Advising Tip | 6 Weeks to Go…Never too Early to Plan for a Strong Finish

Eileen Schulz, portrait

Eileen Schulz

By Eileen Schulz
College of Arts & Sciences Academic Advisor

The countdown is on with six weeks of class to go until finals.

Recognize what you have achieved thus far. You have learned a great deal and moved closer to your goals. Reconnect with your dream and remember why you’re going to school. Now is the time to open your planner and assess and restructure your study habits, review each syllabus, and put together a strategy to finish the semester strong.

Finally, your plan should include time to relax and recover from stress. Be sure to balance all this mental rigor with physical fitness. Visit the Ping Center and take advantage of a group fitness class or take that stroll or run to start or end your day. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint.


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