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September 9, 2019 at 8:26 pm

Apply Now for Certificate in Law, Justice & Culture

The Center for Law, Justice & Culture invites all interested students to apply for the Certificate in Law, Justice & Culture.

The application deadline is Monday, Oct. 7, 2019.

The application portal is now open. Student applications are accepted once per year. Students from all majors are invited to apply.

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The program brings together interdisciplinary coursework from African American StudiesAnthropologyCriminologyEnglishHistoryPolitical ScienceSocial WorkSociology, and other departments across the social sciences and humanities to provide students with intellectual training in a “law and society” perspective.

It also provides opportunities for faculty mentoring through research projects, internships, study abroad, and career guidance.

Enrollment in the certificate program is a competitive process modeled after selection for law and graduate schools. Students with an overall GPA of 3.4 or above are eligible for 25 slots per year.

During the fall application cycle, students are asked to submit an essay in response to a prompt, as well as a current transcript.

Students who do not meet the GPA requirement may submit an optional essay explaining their qualifications.

Once accepted into the program, Law, Justice & Culture certificate students enroll in LJC 2000: Core Course in Law, Justice & Culture in spring 2020.

The course will be taught in spring 2020 by Dr. Kathleen Sullivan, Professor of Political Science.

Certificate students are required to take POLS 2200 and SOC 2600, as well as three upper division courses from a list of electives.

At least one LJC elective course must be outside of the major, to ensure exposure to interdisciplinary perspectives.

As they proceed through the certificate coursework, LJC students participate in the intellectual life of the center and engage in practice-oriented learning opportunities such as internships and research projects, all dealing with issues of democratic governance, social justice, and human rights.

The program is appropriate for students who plan to pursue professions in law, rights advocacy, justice administration, public policy, government, nonprofit organizations, and academic research and teaching, with a US or global focus.

Please contact Dr. Haley Duschinski ( for more information about the Law, Justice & Culture Certificate program.




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