September 25, 2019 at 2:19 pm

Anna Chotlos Publishes Essay on Raccoon Olympics

Anna Chotlos, portrait

Anna Chotlos

Ohio University graduate student Anna Chotlos published an essay featuring swimming raccoons and a park naturalist whose “eyebrows look like albino wooly bear caterpillars” in Hippocampus.

Her essay, Raccoon Olympics, begins: “I’m eleven years old, wearing a hand-me-down tie-dye t-shirt way too big for me, and soccer shorts—my legs riddled with welts from black fly bites. My hands still reek of snake musk from spending the morning looking for snakes in the woods around the lighthouse….”

Chotlos is a second-year M.A. nonfiction candidate.

Last semester, she also placed an essay in The Sonora Review, examining the many faces of the human face. That essay was titled “Faces.”

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