August 25, 2019 at 8:43 am

Drogula Book on ‘Cato the Younger’ Offers New Perspective on Collapse of Roman Republic

Fred Drogula , portrait

Dr. Fred Drogula

Dr. Fred Drogula authored a new book, Cato the Younger: Life and Death at the End of the Roman Republic, published by Oxford University Press.

Drogula is the Charles J. Ping Professor of Humanities and Professor of Classics at Ohio University.

Cato the Younger book cover

The most complete biography of Cato the Younger in English, the book examines the politics and politicking inside the city, providing a fresh perspective on how Roman senators made decisions that led to civil war, according to the Oxford University Press site. “Whereas the collapse of the Roman Republic is usually viewed from the perspective of Julius Caesar, this book reveals the other side of the story.”

The book was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal in a column headlined ‘Cato the Younger’ Review: Standing Up to Caesar | Fred Drogula darkens the Cato who ‘has been celebrated for two millennia’ and gives us instead ‘the real, impatient, unbending, and often unreasonable Cato.’

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