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April 25, 2019 at 12:08 pm

Two A&S Faculty Named 2019-20 University Professors

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Two College of Arts & Sciences faculty are among the four recipients of the 2019-20 University Professors:

The University Professor program recognizes outstanding teaching at the university, and benefits faculty and students alike. The selection process begins with nominations from the student body. Since its founding in 1970, the University Professor program has recognized more than 250 professors for their teaching excellence.

Jana House and Morgan Vis, holding their plaques

Jana House and Morgan Vis

Houser and Vis were recognized at an awards ceremony on April 11, along with the other two recipients: Cory E. Cronin, Social and Public Health, and Timothy Cyders, Mechanical Engineering.

Each honored faculty receives a monetary stipend and the opportunity to teach a course of their choosing as a means of enriching the undergraduate curriculum.

Each fall semester, a pool of recipients is chosen from nominations collected from the OHIO student body. A selection committee composed of 10 to 14 undergraduate students then holds intensive interviews with eight faculty finalists and observes each of them in class.

To read about past winners, visit the Center for Teaching & Learning’s teaching awards web page. The awards ceremony was made possible by the Center for Teaching & Learning in the Office of Instructional Innovation, with generous support from University College.

Dr. Jana Houser, portrait

Dr. Jana Houser

Jana B. Houser, Geography

Houser’s proposed course, “Extreme Weather Events,” will cover diverse topics and case analyses of extreme and severe high-impact weather events that occur in the continental United States. Students also will learn about new types of events, moving from learning basic scientific principles to examining historic case studies.

“I am deeply touched and honored that my students hold me to the high regard of being worthy of this award,” said Houser. “It is the students who truly make a difference in my teaching ability, who challenge me, and who motivate me to become better. I look forward to teaching the University Professor class on severe and hazardous weather, and particularly to opening the eyes of students to the amazing, awe-inspiring power of the atmosphere and its complexities.”

Dr. Morgan Vis, portrait

Dr. Morgan Vis

Morgan L. Vis, Environmental & Plant Biology

Vis’s proposed course is titled “Algae in Society” and will cover four main aspects of how algae affect our lives: 1) getting to know algae, 2) roles algae play in their environment, 3) harmful algal blooms and their economic costs, and 4) industrial uses of algae as a crop.

“It is such an honor even to be nominated for this award, and I am thrilled to be recognized,” said Vis. “I really like teaching courses at all levels, but I particularly enjoy teaching ‘Plants and People’ in the fall with the learning communities of new students.”

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