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April 21, 2019 at 4:52 pm

Spriggs’s Poem Tops List of 600 Social Justice Publications

Dr. Bianca Spriggs, performing at a microphone

Dr. Bianca Spriggs (Photo Credit: Brian Campbell)

Split This Rock, a national literary organization “dedicated to fostering greater roles for poets in public life by using art to promote social activism,” maintains a searchable database of over 600 social justice-related poems as a resource for educators, readers, and writers. Since its launch in 2015, poems in this collection have been viewed over 350,000 times, and the organization recently announced the “10 Most-Viewed Poems of 2018” from their diverse database.

Topping the list of the most-viewed poems is Dr. Bianca Spriggs’sTo the woman I saw today who wept in her car.

Spriggs, Assistant Professor of English at Ohio University, is the author of The Galaxy Is a Dance Floor (Argos Books; 2016), Call Her By Her Name (Triquarterly Books; 2016), How Swallowtails Become Dragons (Accents Publishing; 2011), and Kaffir Lily (Wind Publications; 2010). She is the co-editor of Circe’s Lament: Wild Women Poetry (Accents Publishing; 2015) and Black Bone: 25 Years of the Affrilachian Poets (University Press of Kentucky; 2018). More information about her work is available at her personal website.


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