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April 22, 2019 at 10:49 am

Spectrum Interviews Duschinski on Human Rights in Kashmir

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WOUB Digital’s Spectrum interviewed Dr. Haley Duschinski, Associate Professor of Anthropology, in a story headlined “Kashmir is a Pivotal Area of South Asia & its History & People are Complex.”

Over the past decades, Kashmir has been a battleground for skirmishes and armed conflict between the two nuclear powers of India and Pakistan. It is part of the geo-political tug of war between these two powers. However, many groups within Kashmir are pushing for independence from both countries.

Kashmir is the focus of research for Dr. Haley Duschinski, the Director and Graduate Director of the Center for Law, Justice, and Culture at Ohio University. She recently returned from Brussels and the European Parliament’s human rights subcommittee hearing on Kashmir.

Dr. Duschinski, an anthropologist, studies, researches and writes about the human rights of the Kashmir people and especially the women of the region.

Recently, she was one of the editors of critical Kashmir studies resource: “Women and Kashmir: Knowing in Our Own Ways.” It was published by the Review of Women’s Studies, Economic and Political Weekly.

She also has co-edited “Resisting Occupation in Kashmir” published in 2018 by the University of Pennsylvania Press.

She, likewise, co-edited “’Rebels of the Streets: Violence, Protest and Freedom in Kashmir,” in Resisting Occupation in Kashmir, also published in 2018 by the University of Pennsylvania Press.

Listen to the interview on Spectrum, hosted by veteran journalist Thomas Hodson, Director of WOUB Public Media.

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Dr. Haley Duschinski

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