April 1, 2019 at 3:45 pm

Ring Theory Seminar | Minimal Reflexive Nonsemicommutative Rings, May 3

Henry Chimal, portrait

Henry Chimal

The Ohio University-Ohio State University ring theory seminar series presents Henry Chimal-Dzul discussing “Minimal Reflexive Nonsemicommutative Rings” on Friday, May 3, at 4:45 p.m. in Cockins Hall 240, OSU-Columbus.

Chimal is a graduate student in Mathematics at Ohio University.

Abstract: It has recently shown in the paper “Minimal reversible nonsymmetric rings”‘ by S. Szabo (2019) that the smallest reversible nonsymmetric ring has order 256; answering a question originally posed in the paper “A taxonomy of 2-primal rings”‘ by G. Marks (2003). Answers to similar questions on rings relating to Marks’ taxonomy were also given in the work “Some minimal rings related to 2-primal rings” by G. Marks (2003). One type of ring that was left out of those reports is abelian reflexive nonsemicommutative ring of minimal order. In this presentation we will show that minimal abelian reflexive nonsemicommutative rings have order 256 and provide some examples of such rings. (This is a report of joint work with Steve Szabo.)

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