April 28, 2019 at 12:30 pm

Internship | Student’s Work at Quidel Has ‘Real Impact on Critical Health Issue’

Lydia Seiter, portrait

Lydia Seiter


by Lydia Seiter
OHIO student, Cutler ScholarChemical Engineering major

I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to complete a 12-week internship with a subsidiary of the molecular diagnostics company Quidel [formerly DHI] during Summer 2017.

DHI was founded in 1983 by Ohio University alumnus and biomedical entrepreneur Wilfred R. Konneker (co-founder of the Cutler Scholars program!) in collaboration with former Ohio University professors Joseph Jollick and Thomas Wagner and then-Ohio University President Charles J. Ping (co-founder and Director Emeritus of Cutler Scholars). It was a unique and powerful experience to stand on the shoulders of these giants who not only made my incredible scholarship possible, but also made my rewarding internship possible.

During my internship, I specialized in raw-material efficiency improvement of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit that measures the activity of the human immune system. This product is used in laboratories, hospitals, and university research settings to diagnose immunodeficiency disorders, such as HIV/AIDS.

The reason I decided to study chemical engineering was because I wanted to aid advancements in the medical field and provide the world with accessible, affordable, accurate medical diagnostics. Improving Quidel’s immune disease-diagnosing product was an incredibly rewarding experience for this reason—I felt like my work had a real impact on a critical health issue.

OHIO Chemical Engineering Major Lydia Seiter, portrait

OHIO Chemical Engineering Major Lydia Seiter

Because I had the opportunity to both work in the lab, with my own independent, hands-on experiments, and work in an office, analyzing my data and writing technical reports, I had a well-rounded internship experience. My fantastic, helpful coworkers and mentors encouraged me to ask questions about my project and about their professional development. Additionally, due to this valuable internship experience on my résumé, I was offered a 6-month chemical engineering co-op with DuPont!

My time outside work was equally great. Living in quiet, peaceful Athens in the summer was wonderful, going on hikes and attending local festivals, and I made the most of my weekends by traveling around the Midwest to destinations such as Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Windsor, Canada.

About Quidel

quidel logoQuidel Corp. is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare solutions serving to enhance the health and well-being of people around the globe with well-known and respected products that provide healthcare professionals with accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information at the point of care. Its core competencies and capabilities focus on immunoassay and molecular testing in the areas of infectious disease, women’s health, and virology.

Quidel is headquartered in San Diego, with research and manufacturing operations in Ohio, Massachusetts, and Germany. Quidel and Ohio University are working together to support alumni in pursuit of rewarding career opportunities.

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