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March 16, 2019 at 3:20 pm

White Finds Online Program ‘Manageable with My Schedule’

Sara White, portrait

Sara White

The Master’s in Law, Justice & Culture has 19 students, both online and on campus, who are learning about law and society studies.

Sara White is an Ohio University alumna who earned a B.S. in Communications and now is enrolled in the online Master’s in Law, Justice & Culture program.

“It’s unique and one of a kind,” White says. “I was specifically drawn to the program because of the on-campus and online options. As someone who works full-time, the online cohort of the program is more manageable with my schedule.”

White has enjoyed the diverse coursework offered in the program.

“Human Rights, Law, and Justice with Dr. Duschinski covered so much information from various locations throughout the world. The research methods class with Dr. Plascencia has provided me with a solid understanding of social science research and the intersection of law and society. The Legal Practice Workshop with Larry Hayman felt like a crash course in Law School 101 and really challenged us to think like lawyers,” she says.

Next semester, White is looking forward to taking a criminology course.

“I have always had and continue to have an interest in criminology, so I’m sure I will find the course content interesting, especially combining it with the knowledge from the previous courses in the program.”

Thanks to the program’s courses, White has felt as though she has truly learned about the intersection of law, justice and culture throughout a multitude of different things throughout our society.

“My classmates come from a lot of different professional and educational backgrounds, and we all have different interests within law, justice, and culture. It really illustrates that a program like this is appealing to a lot of people for a variety of reasons.”

In addition, White cites the faculty as part of what has made her love the program so much.

“I also really appreciate the supportive nature of the program. It’s apparent that all of the faculty members are committed to teaching us as much as they can and ensuring that we are successful,” she says.

White enrolled in the master’s program knowing that it would help her better evaluate different points of view and truly understand different populations throughout society more effectively.

“My goal is to take the knowledge I’ve gained from this program and apply it in my continuing work with people from various backgrounds. I have never lost sight of the importance of having a career that was embedded in work with others and helping people in some capacity. I’m a problem solver, and this program is giving me a strong skill set to think about situations and solutions from multiple perspectives,” she says.

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