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March 5, 2019 at 6:06 pm

Harrington Authors Column, ‘Here Be Monsters’

Dr. Peter de B. Harrington, portrait in office

Dr. Peter de B. Harrington

Dr. Peter de B. Harrington, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Ohio University, authored a column in the Analytical Scientist headlined “Here Be Monsters: Predators lurk in the world of science communication, waiting to trap the unwary – here’s how to evade their clutches.”

The advancements of the “Information Age” have made it easy to distribute intellectual property such as research reports. Many publishers have moved to an open access (OA) model, in which the authors of the research report pay for publication and retain the copyright. Thereby, the publishers recover the lost revenue of selling reprints, while the research is accessible for all, including scientists in developing nations. These OA journals, many of which are online-only, have reduced production costs, creating the opportunity for many new start-up journals, some based in developing nations.

It’s a common scenario. You receive a request to submit a paper to a journal you have never heard of, that has nothing to do with your area of research or publication record. Usually not mentioned in the invite is the publication fee that is involved….

Read more in the Analytical Scientist.

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