March 19, 2019 at 2:41 pm

Career Corner | COMCorps Looking for Graduating Seniors Interested in Giving Back

COMCorps, an AmeriCorps program housed in OHIO’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, has opportunities for seniors who want to stay close to Athens and give back to the community after graduation.

Beginning Aug. 1, COMCorps members will serve approximately 38 hours each week in Athens County, serving at schools, local nonprofits, and government agencies. In return for 1,700 hours of service, members receive a $13,992 living allowance, a $6,095 education award that can be used for past federal loan debt or future educational expenses, and life-changing experiences.

COMCorps strives for every member to have a transformative experience while serving. Anticipated member outcomes include a wider perspective on societal issues, an understanding of individuals who have had a life different than their own, a better understanding of self and unique skills brought to a variety of roles, greater confidence, an understanding of trauma-informed approaches to community care, and community collaboration.

Major focuses of COMCorps include food insecurity, nutrition education, and emotional support for individuals living with chronic stress. Eighty percent of member time is spent at a collaborating host site and 20 percent of time is spent in corps activities such as training, National Days of Service, and a unified member intervention, Live Healthy Kids, which is a weekly nutrition education program and cooking class for second-grade students.

“I have become a better person. I’ve gained professional skills and experience and I am more involved with my community,” says OHIO alumna Marissa Greismar (’16 Social Work & Psychology).

“I was able to give back to a community that had given so much to me. I felt like I was part of something bigger than myself,” adds OHIO alumna Brianna Bretzfelder (’17 Community & Public Health).

COMCorps makes for an impactful gap year, a way to gain professional experience, and a supportive environment for those graduating who aren’t sure about their next step.

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