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Week on Immigrants | Populist Nationalism and Politics of Migration in Central and Eastern Europe, Feb. 8

The Wealth and Poverty theme presents the Ohio University Week on Immigrants, featuring Dr. Myra Waterbury on “Populist nationalism and the politics of migration in Central and Eastern Europe” on Friday, Feb. 8, from noon to 1 p.m. in Alden 319.

Dr. Myra Waterbury, portrait

Dr. Myra Waterbury

Waterbury is Associate Professor of Political Science at Ohio University. She is the author of Between State and Nation: Diaspora Politics and Kin-State Nationalism in Hungary (New York: Palgrave, 2010). Her recent publications include “National Minorities in an Era of Externalization: Kin-State Citizenship, European Integration, and Ethnic Hungarian Minority Politics,” Problems of Post-Communism (2017) and “Caught Between Nationalism and Transnationalism: Responses to East-West Emigration in Central and Eastern Europe,” IPSR (2018). In addition, she serves as Associate Editor for Special Issues at the journal Nationalities Papers.

Abstract: The past decade has seen the rise of nationalist, populist politics and governments in Central and Eastern Europe, a development that has taken place during a period of increasing mobility, migration, and demographic decline throughout Europe. Fears arising from long-term demographic shifts towards smaller, older national populations and the influx of refugees and migrants into Europe have been used as convenient fodder for populist, nationalist leaders and as justifications for exclusionary and protectionist policies to restrict settlement of asylum-seekers, refugees, and other migrants. This talk will discuss how these trends of mobility, migration, and demographic decline may intersect to both challenge and bolster the discourses and policies of nationalist, populist governments in Europe today, with particular attention to the case of post-2010 Hungary.

For more information on this talk or the Wealth and Poverty Week on Immigrants, please contact Dr. Yeong Kim at

Wealth and Poverty Week on Immigrants

About the Week on Immigrants

Immigration is a significant political issue across the world. An estimated 258 million people worldwide live in a country other than their country of birth. Nearly 50 million now live in the United States.

The Wealth and Poverty Week on Immigrants brings the Ohio University community together to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by global migration flows both here and abroad.

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